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what do you mean a thesaurus isnt a dinosaur

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if you switch the first letters from sam and dean’s names it makes sean winchester and dam winchester. just thought you should know


cheese thanks


that’s actually the end of season 3

That’s the end of most seasons and some episodes too. And the plot of an entire episode.

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Never draw back bitter memories from the past. When all else fails, just move forward and continue walking. Just like the world we are in, it never stops spinning round and round whatever odds there may be. Balloons are meant to fly. So let loose, let them go, and set them free.. 



listen the secret to pulling anything off—be it red lipstick or shaving half your head or wearing something ridiculous—is to literally just fucking do the thing and immediately adopt an attitude of giving no fucks, even if you have to fake it 

Remember that scene in Mean Girls when they cut Regina’s shirt and she just goes “oh well” and the next day everyone cuts their shirt the same.
Yeah, confidence does that

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